• Business Minds Who Speak Data

    The Twenty is an advisory firm that enables companies to use applied data analytics to drive growth and profit.

  • The Business Lens of Data Science

    Buzzwords like big data and machine learning are used all the time, but what do they mean for your business? Today, your organization collects and stores billions of pieces of information. Used effectively, that data can help grow revenue and profitability, manage talent, and tighten operations.


    Sitting at the intersection of business and data science, the mission of The Twenty is to help organizations maximize the value of their data.

  • Why The Twenty?

    Your data is growing exponentially


    The trouble is, this information is not valuable on its own. The Twenty’s data scientists and business analysts are uniquely able to extract valuable business insights and analysis.

    We begin with the business question


    The Twenty makes data science useful by providing elegant and relevant solutions that allow business professionals to address difficult analytical questions with confidence.

    Surge on data analysis when you need it


    Start and scale a data analysis project on your terms. The Twenty allows you to tap into critical insights at the scale that makes sense for your business model.

  • What We Do

    Translate business problems into data solutions

    Advisory Services

    “We know data is important, but aren't sure where to begin.”

    We work with your company to build a custom data solution from the ground up. We will look critically at your data and operations to find opportunities to grow revenue and mitigate inefficiencies.

    Data Wrangling

    “We have a tremendous amount of disorganized data.”

    We're not afraid to do the dirty work that's so important to businesses. We clean, index, and structure your raw data to make it useful. From there, it will be ready to analyze.

    Executive Training

    "My team needs a half-day session to go over the basics of data analytics."

    We offer personalized coaching for executives to teach them how to use data science in their daily operations.


    “We don't know how to derive value from our data.”

    We sift through your data and present our insights in clear reports and user-friendly custom dashboards.

  • Case Study: OrderUp

    OrderUp is a successful startup extending its offering to compete in the tough food-delivery market. They had been collecting all sorts of data (customer wait times, locations of drivers, customer locations) but were unsure of how to make use of it. The Twenty "made us think about our problems in a different way. They asked questions we hadn't even thought of." As a result of this quantitative approach to business, OrderUp was able to understand revenue generation opportunities and solve problems that were increasing customer wait times. More recently, OrderUp was acquired by Groupon.

    Case Study: Storm King Analytics

    Storm King Analytics is a company that specializes in analyzing networks. Being a young company, however, they did not have the budget to hire the data science team they needed to solve a complex problem: How to classify different networks of African entrepreneurial ecosystems. Their executive team brought in The Twenty to build an algorithm capable of doing the job. These insights are now being used to recommend policies in developing nations across the globe.

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